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KinetiCor Joins Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawaii

by KinetiCor on 01/23/2013

January 2013 – The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawai‘i is pleased to announce that KinetiCor, Inc. has become a member company. KinetiCor provides motion correction technologies for MRI scans.

With a donation of equity to EF Hawai‘i, KinetiCor has made a commitment to corporate philanthropy and community involvement.

When KinetiCor has a liquidity event, EF Hawai‘i will sell its shares and use the proceeds to establish a charitable fund for the company. While awaiting the liquidity event, EF Hawai‘i will connect KinetiCor to community service opportunities that fit the company’s interests and resources.

EF Hawai‘i thanks KinetiCor Chairman Barry Weinman, CEO Jeffrey Yu, M.D., COO Will Alameida, the Queen’s Development Corporation, HMSA, and the University of Hawai‘i Foundation for this generous grant and for the company’s commitment to giving back to the Hawai‘i community.