Is KinetiCor’s Prospective Motion Correction (PMC) System available for clinical use?

KinetiCor’s PMC system is strictly for  investigational use only and is not cleared or approved for clinical use by any regulatory body. For more information on using PMC for research purposes, please contact us.


What MRI pulse sequences does KinetiCor’s PMC currently support?

KinetiCor’s PMC technology can theoretically work on any pulse sequence. For more information on which MRI systems and pulse sequences are currently supported by KinetiCor’s PMC, please contact us.


Does KinetiCor PMC extend MR scan times?

KinetiCor’s real-time PMC technology does not extend the time it takes to conduct an MR scan.


Does KinetiCor’s PMC system correct for motion of other areas of the body besides the head?

Currently KinetiCor’s PMC is optimized to correct for head movement and is most often used in brain imaging research. For more information about using PMC to correct for motion other than head motion, please contact us.


How much does KinetiCor’s PMC system cost?

Pricing for KinetiCor’s PMC system is dependent on the unique operating and user requirements of each research institution. For more information on pricing, please contact us.


What types of technical support is provided to Customers using KinetiCor PMC systems?

KinetiCor offers on-site installation support and post-installation remote technical support to its Customers. The company also offers optional annual technical support contract. For more information on technical support, please contact us.


Does KinetiCor provide the pulse sequences with its PMC System?

KinetiCor does not provide pulse sequences to its Customers. Customers are required to obtain pulse sequences through their MR vendor’s mechanisms to distribute experimental non-product MR sequences. Please ask your vendor about sequences with KinetiCor support, or contact us.


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