The KinetiCor Platform

See your patients like never before with a one-of-a-kind patient perspective and open up opportunities for a new clarity in imaging! Monitor your patients closely while they are undergoing imaging and recognize potential adverse situations early. Achieve diagnostic imaging even when your patients are moving and reduce the need for rescans and sedation. Experience the freedom of contact-less biometrics and explore new frontiers in imaging healthcare.

patientAngled2 headcage

MRI-compatible, quad camera system

  • Low profile and streamlined to the MRI bore

  • Compatible with 60 and 70 cm bore systems

  • Compatible with all field strengths up to 7 Tesla

FDA 510(k) cleared!

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High spatial and temporal accuracy

Tested to:

  • 100 microns translation accuracy

  • 0.1 degrees rotation accuracy

  • Recording rate of 60 frames per second